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Corona Virus Guidlines

Lockdown restrictions have been relaxed, but the virus is still on the loose. Let's work together to keep it under control and keep each other (& our communities) safe!

Whilst the Coronavirus is still at large, Team Thrive will continue to enforce social distancing and stricter hygiene standards at all our events. Please do your part to comply with the following measures, and limit the risk of spreading the virus.

  • If you feel unwell, even a light sniffle - STAY HOME. We'll be here every week, so if you're under the weather, grab a lemsip, tuck yourself up in bed, and join us when you're feeling better.

  • Wash with soap before attending Thrive. Preferably shower (BONUS: it'll help keep your pits smelling fresh too) but at the very minimum, scrub your hands for at least 30seconds.

  • Wear a mask! They are mandatory on the tube anyway, and a very good idea everywhere else! Bonus points if yours is a reusable, enviro-friendly one!

  • Socially distance. Keep at least 1meter apart at all times. Yep, that means no hugging, shaking hands, and for the time-being - no snogging. There will be no partner-exercises for now either.

  • Use the hand sanitiser provided. That stuff's spenny as heck, but it'll be provided for free, so please take full advantage!

  • Don't share water bottles. Sharing is definitely not caring when it comes to deadly viruses, so if you forget to bring a drink - just pop to the shops. Please don't share.

  • Wash again when you get home! You'll probably be covered in sweat and mud anyway, so this should be a no-brainer.

  • Use your noggin. Just, you know, be sensible. Let's have fun without putting each other or the vulnerable people around us in danger.

  • If you're unsure on anything, brush up on the rules here:

If you have tested positive for Covid-19, please tell us, so we can advise fellow Thrivers who may be at risk. We will not disclose your identity to other members. Please click below to report a positive result.

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